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New Products Was Added.

Posted by jby_gjaxmaster 10/03/2018 0 Comment(s)


In January 2018, the latest version catalog was released at NAMM Show held in Anaheim, USA.

At the same time, we will inform you that new series and new products have been added.

New Series


New as a lightweight series using carbon material!

CXB-01, CXN-01(Single type of open gear - Machine head for guitar)

CBT-01(Super lightweight open gear type bass tuner)

CBB-4(Bass bridge of carbon plate and titanium saddle)

New Products

SGi510 (Baby size sealed gear type machine head)

35G3600C (New product to replace 35G3600: same basic specifications)

FB30LP(Vintage style bass tuner with lollipop shaped knob)

S200 (BS saddle set for EV510T, 510T)

PC-01N (Real leather GOTOH original pick case)

FB30 RELIC (Relic Version of Bass Tuner FB 30)

VTB-4 RELIC (Bass bridge of RELIC Limited)

CP-20 RELIC (Bass Control panel of RELIC Limited)

RB20 RELIC (String retainer for Basses)