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Color Code Details

Color Code


The major standard colors used in GOTOH products are the following 8 types. Although only 8 kinds of sample images are posted, this shows the color difference when looking under the same environment. Please note that it may look different from the actual product color depending on the monitor environment.


N (Nickel), C (Chrome), GG (Gold), B (Black Chrome), CK (Cosmo Black), XN(X-Nickel), XC (X-Chrome), XG (X-Gold)

With regard to the following colors, it is currently used only for specific products and sample images are not prepared on this page.
(You can see it on the product page being used)


XCK (X-Cosmo Black), CW (Chrome White), FG (Flash Gold), MTG (Mat Gold), HC (Honed Chrome), HG (Honed Gold), HCK (Honed Cosmo Black)

Sample Images