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About array specification of Machine Heads

We will explain the rules defined by G - GOTOH for the array representation of pegs.

First of all, please see the illustration ①. This arrangement is a peg arrangement that is extremely commonly used because it can be applied regardless of whether it is an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, right handed or left handed. Next, in the case of illustration ②, in general it is often recognized as "6-in-line for right handed". Likewise, in the case of illustration ③, it is like "6-in-line left-handed".Here, it is necessary to clarify what it means "L3+R3" "L6" "R6".
In this case, however, it does not necessarily mean L = for Left-Handed or R = for Right-Handed.

Because right-handed people do not necessarily use the type guitar of illustration ②, and left-handed person may use the type guitar of illustration ① and illustration ②. Therefore, "L" and "R" here are not conscious of left handedness and right handedness, and distinguish it as "the left side" "right side" by looking at the guitar head from the front.The same can be said for the 4-string base and ukulele.

In addition, if you wish for the left-handed type of the illustration ①, the placement of the string itself will be reversed so please order as "Left-handed specification of" L3+R3 ". For right-handed use it is a standard set so please specify "L3 + R3" only ". ※ For any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

L3+R3 Illust Illust①
L6Illust Illust②
R6 Illust Illust③
Bass Heads Illust