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Please tell me about matching the guitar and parts.

In principle, it is very difficult to mention parts fittings from guitar and bass model names.
The parts used may differ depending on the year of manufacture and country of manufacture. Therefore, when asking about matching, please understand that we need more detailed information and clear images.

Please tell me about compatibility of parts.

Not limited to GOTOH's products, there seems to be no manufacturer who considers "compatibility" with parts of other companies. Even if the shaft diameter and the hole position of the mounting screw are the same, the specifications of the screw etc. may be different for each manufacturer. Therefore, be careful as there is a risk of damaging the instrument if it is forcibly attached. Regarding the installation and replacement of parts, we recommend that you ask for special repair shops etc.

Do I need special techniques for parts replacement?

As far as exchange work is concerned, there is nothing dangerous about the work content. However, this is not the case when processing is necessary. Especially when the hole of the guitar head has to be expanded by replacing the thread winding, a tool such as a drill becomes necessary, and if the processing is carried out easily, the failure of the hole core misalignment or skewing Because it is also possible, careful attention is necessary. In addition, our shop does not recommend the specification of simple tool such as reamer when expanding the hole. (Because the reamer expands the hole while rotating a thing like a tapered drill tooth, the hole itself becomes tapered. Do not think that it is good to do the same processing from the opposite side) It is difficult to undo it if you widen the hole too much and it may make your balance worse quickly as you are fiddling. The risk of failure is always attached. We believe that even one thread winding does not just roll strings. Vibration of the string is transmitted to the neck and body via various parts such as thread winding, bridge, nut, and the sound is ringing throughout the instrument. By breaking a part of the balance, there is even the possibility of damaging the original ringing of the instrument. Moreover, not only the good or bad parts of the parts, specs but also the setup technology is a big factor which influences the good or bad of the instruments. So, we are recommending that you ask a skillful repairman etc. to the last about parts exchange.

Please tell me the influence on the sound due to the difference in material.

The question that I want you to tell me what kind of sound influence is due to the difference of materials such as bridge and saddle is often given. Generally speaking, it is said that if the material is hard, the sound quality will become hard, and it will become a brighter impression. Various materials such as aluminum, brass, steel, zinc, duralumin etc. are used, but considering the weight and hardness of these metals, you can imagine the sound. However, it is said that neck and body are the most noticeable influence on sound in string instruments. Combined with these complex elements, a unique sound is created. Therefore, it is very difficult to make clear about the influence on the sound quality due to the difference in material.

Is the setting of "L6" and "R6" reverse?
Could you send me a catalog?

Unfortunately, catalog mailing service is not done. Please download the PDF version from our website and use it.

Please tell me the color code details.

Currently, the color codes used in GOTOH are listed below.

N, C, CW, GG, B, CK, XN, XC, XG, SB, SG, HC, HG, HCK, MTG are abbreviations as follows.

N (Nickel), C (Chrome), CW (Chrome White), GG (Gold), B (Black Chrome), CK (Cosmo Black), XN(X-Nickel), XC (X-Chrome), XG (X-Gold), XSV (X-Silver), SB (Solid Brass), SG (Semi Gold), HC (Honed Chrome), HG (Honed Gold), HCK (Honed Cosmo Black), MTG (Mat Gold).

What is packaged product, bulk product?

In GOTOH products, "packaged products" and "bulk products" exist. Since both are produced at the same factory, basic performance and operability are the same as long as model names are the same. However, it is a big difference that the guarantee source as a product is different. "Packaged product" is responsible for quality assurance by the G - GOTOH factory against the machine head and bridge itself. On the other hand, the "bulk product" will be responsible for quality assurance by the instrument manufacturer as part of the instrument. Because of these differences, bulk products are offered to musical instrument manufacturers at a lower cost than packaged products. In rare cases, bulk products may be leaked and sold in the internet market etc, but installation screws and instructions are not included in the package, or screws of different sizes from those recommended by the manufacturer are attached There seems to be a thing. Bulk products are not covered by the manufacturer (G - GOTOH) warranty, so careful attention is required when purchasing. In our store we provide all products in packaged version (some are header) and we keep customer's purchase record for a certain period of time, so we can receive manufacturer's warranty with confidence even in case of emergency. (Please be aware that we may not be able to receive warranty if purchase time or purchase shop is unknown)

Can I use postal mail by shipping method?

There is a request that we want you to ship with cheap simple mail, but due to security concerns during transportation, we can not deal with it.

Can I purchase by cash on delivery?

Customers in Japan can purchase with "COD" of "You-Pack".
Please pay in cash on arrival of goods.

In case of delivery overseas, you can not use "COD".

Are there handling machine heads and bridges for 7 strings?

If you want to order Machine Head for 7 strings or 8 strings, we can accept as custom order. However, there are no packages for seven strings or eight strings, so it will be offered in the form of adding regular 6 string products plus single pegs. In this case, purchase procedure can not be done directly from the website, so please inquire in advance. Regarding bridges and tremolos, we regret that there is no handling other than catalog models.

Can I order only "buttons" or "screws" separatelly?

Unfortunately, our shop does not sell buttons or screws individually in principle. However, since it may be sold for repair, please consult us. Also, for Set Screws which occupy the top of the loss rate, we have prepared various table of screws, so please visit the page of G-GOTOH screw specifications table.

Is it possible to custom-coordinate with a combination not in the catalog?

Machine Head's body and buttons, or tremolo unit's plates, arms, saddles, etc., may be able to coordinate with different colors. However, it may be impossible, so if you wish, please ask us.

Is it possible to customize with size change?

We do not accept custom orders with size change. We do not deal with bulk orders and OEM etc at our shop.

May I order a discontinued model?

Even products that were discontinued may still have parts left in the factory. If you can contact us we will investigate.