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Baby size SGi510 (Gear ratio 1:16) is recommended not only for 3:3 array but also for 6-in-line and Ukulele. This series also supports X - Finish, you can choose from 7 finishes.

This product basically conforms to the specifications of the SG510 series, but the string post options are only three types, Standard, MG, UK.

* Compared with SGS 510, SGL 510, SGV 510, the shaft diameter of the string post is the same, but SGi 510 is a type that does not use fixing screws, so existing screw holes can not be used.

For specification details of this product, refer to P7 of Official Catalog 2018.

*Because products are rich in variations, they are listed as an example.

The displayed price is the price of ukulele package (4pcs).

Available : Standard, MG, UK

Standard Features LUBRI-PLATE / ROCK SOLID
String Post UK
Finishes C, GG, B, CK, XN, XC, XG
Array(s) L2+R2 / L4 / R4 etc ...
Gear Ratio 1:16
Others Please refer to the GOTOH Official Web or the latest catalog.
Accessory Nut, Washer

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About color of product image

With regard to color tone of the product image, how it looks changes greatly depending on the shooting environment (lighting, angle, background color). For example, in the color code (GG), there are things that look reddish or those that reflects blue, but in real products it is the same color. In addition, please acknowledge that it may look different from the actual product depending on the monitor environment.

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Products in this category will require a lead-time of about 15 business days.

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◆About installation on instruments

When equipping the existing musical instrument with GOTOH products, processing of addition to the musical instrument side may be necessity. If attachment impossible without processing is carried out, there is a possibility of leading to breakage of a musical instrument. Please check size etc. well before purchase. Moreover, We recommend that replasment work is requested from specialists, such as a repair shop. In addition, about breakage of the musical instrument when replacing, an accident, etc., it shall be considered as self-responsibility, and our shop shall not take any responsibility.


◆ Notes on machine head replacement

When installing the G - GOTOH machine head by yourself, do not over - tighten the screw fixing the thread winding. Wood screws of JIS standard are used for the G - GOTOH machine head, but if you tighten too strongly it may cause the head of the screw to be cut off. Since it is not a tapping screw, such a phenomenon may occur even if the pilot hole is not appropriate. In addition, please do not easily remove the knob or decorative cap because it will cause breakdown or damage.

* The proper size of the prepared hole will change according to the hardness of the wood, so you can not specify the size unconditionally.

* Manufacturer's tightening torque etc. are not specially specified.


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Tags: Rotomatic, 1:16, 6-in-Line, L3+R3