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Discontinued Products

Posted by jby_gjaxmaster 13/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

As new products are announced, there are products that disappear from the catalog.

The following products disappeared from the catalog of this year, but there is a possibility that part stock may remain in the factory for a while.

If you wish to check inventory, please do not hesitate to ask our shop.


Production discontinued from April 2018

SG Series : SGM

35G Series : 35G3600, 35G3600T

GB Series : GB528S, GB720, GB29

Guitar Bridge : GEP104B

"Multi Tonal" Series : 303SJ

Tremolo Arm : A5, F1

Strap Pin : EP-FR2

Free Lock : EPR-2

Wrench Holder : WRH-1


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