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Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Operating Company JBY INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd.
Manager Jun Hashizume
Location 2-1-24 #224, Yato-cho, Nishitokyo-shi, Tokyo 188-0001 JAPAN
Phone Number +81 42-497-6844
E-mail info@g-jax.com
Store Name G-JAX STORE
Business Type Mail order specialty (no store sale)
Expense other than product price
Shipping Cost We will separately charge a shipping cost for product delivery. Shipping cost is calculated automatically according to weight and destination. You can estimate in the shopping cart.
About Tax If the delivery destination is in Japan, a consumption tax of 8% will be imposed. If the delivery destination is overseas, it will be tax exempted. However, in the buyer's country import duties may be imposed, but we do not know about it at all.
Preparation period Please note that the G-GOTOH product normally requires a preparation period of 15 business days. Please note that it may take about one month depending on the production schedule. Since we hope to supply an always brand-new product, we do not have stock. Please understand that the lead-time for about two weeks is required. But it may be able to ship early by the production schedule in a factory. When you want to obtain early, please ask delivery time beforehand.
Return policy In the case of initial malfunction, if within 5 days from the item arrival date, we will receive returns / exchanges at shipping fee burden. Because of the circumstances of the selling system, we can not respond to returned goods / exchanges due to customer's convenience, so please understand.
Payment Mathod
About the handling of personal information Please check Privacy Policy.
About security We use encryption technology based on "SSL" that enables bi-directional communication of personal information safely.
Other notes We are paying close attention to the contents of the postings, but please forgive us if there are any errors. If there is an error in price display, there is a case that we can not accept the order even after ordering. In that case, we will confirm the intention of purchase again after notifying the correct price.