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What we pursue as a specialized store

What we commit to do

The reason to why we expertise in G-GOTOH products is because we were moved and influenced with the unchanging company philosophy and development policy of “G-GOTOH“even after more than 50 years after the foundation of the company. For one thing, they pursue “made in Japan” even up to the subcontracting parts are all made in Japan. Also, the products developed with a quality-first policy are continuously being developed and evolving. In introducing you to this excellent product, we must say that we emphasize in quality than in quantity. A specialized store or not, where there is the act of selling, there comes a responsibility with it. There is no denying that there are many sellers without being conscious of this responsibility. However, at our store, we will never just pass on inquiries and complaints to the manufacturer, as the people in charge of selling the product, we will responsibly deal with them through joining in the conversation.

An abundant knowledge of the product

We also accumulate a big amount of data on the product. The many inquiries we receive daily from inside and outside Japan, vary from technical questions to aspects in performance. We respond to each mail as carefully as we can, and as easily as possible to understand as it is our motto to do so. Please do not hesitate to ask us any trivial questions before your purchase.

Sharing information with the manufacturer

We hold a meeting with the manufacturer once every few months and exchange perspectives between seller and manufacturer. We also give feedback to the manufacturers based on the responses and request from users. These opinions are always made use of in the development of the product, so there are many new product announcements and minor changes are applied in the year. We are proud to say that we take part in this development and will continue to strive to share information and awareness with the manufacturer.

A quick response to new products

From the strong connections with factories, our shop also plays a role as a specialized shop. The continuously developed and minor changes applied are not immediately released. In some cases, further improvements may be added or reviewed or added while taking on opinions of professional musicians and experts. As we watch over the trial and error of the factory, we are always preparing to handle any new product announcements. We also obtain the most recent information as soon as possible at our shop and give exclusive information beforehand as well. We will respond to your expectations by making the shopping system a top priority.

Sales of packaged version of all products

Package For GOTOH products, there are “packaged products” for customers in general and “bulk products” for manufacturers of musical instruments. Since both are produced in the same factory, basic performance and operability are the same as long as the name of the model is the same. However, there is a big difference in the guarantee source. While GOTOH Gut Co., Ltd. warrant the quality of “packaged products”, the quality of the latter, “bulk products” will be partially guaranteed by the instrument manufacturer as a guarantee of part of the instrument they produce. From this difference, bulk products are offered cheaper than packaged products. In rare cases, these bulk products are leaked on sales in the Internet, but without installation screws nor instructions, or in some cases include a screw that is in a different size from the one recommended by the manufacturer. Bulk products are not subject to the manufacturer’s guarantee, so careful attention is required when purchasing. In our shop as well as offering all products in packaged version (some with headers included), we save your purchase record for a certain period of time, so you can receive the manufacturer’s warranty in case of any emergency with no worries. (Please be aware that you may not be able to receive warranty if the purchase date or the shop purchased is unknown)

Meticulous response because we are a specialized store

Because our shop is specialized in selling GOTOH products, we understand the position of users who use GOTOH products as well. Even our packing method, we deliver products maintaining good condition by using optimized packing materials. For customers who are in a hurry with their orders (the ordinary delivery takes approximately two weeks), if notified before purchase, we will cooperate with the factory and respond to the customer’s request as much as possible in terms of delivery. (In some cases, it may not be possible to respond to your request due to the production schedule). ※We will inform you when the delivery date (shipping date) is confirmed, so you can specify the date and time of delivery.

Our customers from over 50 countries of the world

Our shop have started service for individual users from overseas in April, 2008. As of March 2017, we have a transaction achievement of users in more than 50 countries abroad. The fact that most of these customers repeat and support our detailed service. Anything about GOTOH products please leave it up to us, with no worries.